Being wrong in what you are is easiest.

The weather was terrible.

There is no reason why he should be dismissed.


Well, why not?

I used to go to the baker's.

Keep them there.


Second set, Krajicek to serve.

I don't really want to talk about it.

Everybody wants Dean to be convicted.

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This morning Earle had vegetable soup.

That bell rings at eight.

You'd make a cute couple.


Of course, I'll be there.


Bradford had to go to Boston with Casper.


Is this your first visit to Japan?

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He is one of my best friends.


There's one small problem.

Stagger took his coat off the hanger and put it on.

His wife begged him not to run any risk.

This hall was full of people.

She has no opinion about religion.

I'm going to optimize... you.

I can't bear the pain anymore.

I am quite ready for payment.

How are you managing?


Anyway, it's not applicable to you


Just let Corey in.

Bring me a glass of beer.

Stu almost always wins arguments.

Since I couldn't make up my mind about my future position, I got advice from my younger brother.

I'm not young.

I haven't eaten anything but bread and butter.

It's very silent here.

I am astigmatic.

I read about that.


Rhonda stopped by Jussi's store to buy sugar.


The trees were torn up by the force of the storm.

I'm only here to help her.

I offer you my gratitude in exchange for your kindness.

Don't drink the water.

May I close the window?

She's active and fit.

The butcher ground the meat.

Thank you for coming to meet me.

I was alone.

Lester was my best friend at that time.

Beckie got very mad.

He reads a lot.

You may invite any person who wants to come.

I was in a bad mood.

Why didn't you just ask her?

She couldn't convince him to ask for a loan.

You are a Canadian.


Theoretically it should work.

The river is running dry.

You must take care of Dean.


Don't be afraid, Randolph. There's no need to worry.

Who's your favorite Hollywood actor?

He couldn't get his trousers off.

Our friends were evacuated from their farm because of the bushfires in their area.

It's quite warm here, isn't it?

My grandfather is living on a pension.

Don't worry about that - that rule is no longer in force in our office.

I wasn't driving all that fast.

If you hurry, you will catch up with him.

Why don't we check?

He often needs to seek solace in places near water.

I want an honest answer.

Have you ever argued with your manager?

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In the absence of sufficient proof, the police could not indict him.

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The people here are crazy for football.

I just wanted to check my email.

Holly didn't seem to be paying much attention to you.


Tareq dimmed the lights.

Father is angry with me.

I'm going to get more exercise.


Wolves don't usually attack people.

I'm married, you're married, let's get married!

I don't want to interfere with your personal life.

Dave arrived at just the right time.

Malaclypse has a ten-speed bike.

He is afraid of dying poor.

Did Naoto ever talk to you about what he did in Australia?


Should I tell them to call you?

The seat of the chair needs repairing.

He doesn't carry much baggage on his trips.

We're grateful nobody was injured.

EPO can be used as a blood doping agent.

You do like them, don't you?

We concurred.

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She introduced his sister to me.


My wife wants me to do away with this nice old hat.

I certainly had no idea Klaudia was thinking about getting divorced.

We hoped to have done with the work before the holidays.

Use your power.

Should I apologize to Moran?

I've been tense all morning.

I want to fly more than anything else in the world.

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How many pills did you take?

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Dorian is quite handsome, isn't he?

This doesn't look good at all.

The most painful thing for a mother is having to bury her own child.

I know you were looking for me this morning.

He can't have solved it.


My harsh words bruised her feeling.


Don't you think we deserve some answers?

Don't talk to them now.

William knows that everything Greg is saying is true.

The policeman is in the car.

The Indians fought with bows and arrows.


It's not a big deal.

We ignored them.

I could never have imagined such a sensation.


You said give it to him.

In this picture, there are four persons: my father, my mother, my brother and my sister.

Even Piercarlo is a little surprised.

Those who talk a lot often lose their voices.

My brother listens to a music genre called ambient.

Lindsey likes reading books.

What made you so mad?


You don't know who I am.

Have you checked this with them?

Don't forget to invite Huashi.

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I'm feeling the breath of life.

The patrolman motioned me to pull over.

We're placing you under arrest.

I haven't really thought about it.

He's making a mountain out of a molehill. That typo really isn't as bad as he claims.


Gregory pointed to each word as he read it.

Mitchell's speech was good.

I got to you as soon as I could.


Isabelle was mentioned.


I have eyes.

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He is Japanese.


I had the porter take my suitcases to my room.

Am I going the right way?

How come all the cute guys are gay?

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Her mother is a good pianist.

Everyone makes that mistake.

He gained the prize by dint of hard work.


I wanted to make sure you weren't having problems.

Mine is 20 centimeters long.

Are you still in Florida?

We'll call you.

You can certainly swim in the lake, but there is no sense in doing so.

You've given me a lot to think about.

Wanting to protect me from myself is about as ingenious as saving a fish from drowning.

Po probably won't even notice Nils's new necklace.

Nou asked me to keep track of Briggs.

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Grief is one of the worst sufferings.

Did Heather mention anything to you about my idea?

I don't know. It depends on the price.

Like a house of cards, Francois's dreams and plans came crashing down around him.

The merchant bribed the politician.

She was sent to a mental hospital.

Making pizza is something I learned from Stu.

It should be forbidden to invade countries whose names one can't pronounce correctly.

You will go to school.


Learning should not be forced, but rather encouraged.

Until when will you be in South Korea?

Ramon has never been abroad.